Senior Living Communities and What They Provide

Indianapolis (IN) Senior Living Communities

World-class sporting events and a burgeoning cultural scene provides something for everyone in this Midwest state capital. Throw in nearly 300 Indianapolis senior living options—independent living, assisted living, and others—and you have a retirement city that is worth exploring.

Though it’s the 12th largest state in the country, Indianapolis doesn’t act like it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall cost of living is equal to the national average. The median home price is $102,911. The combined state and local tax burden is 7%, according to the Tax Foundation. Senior housing is a good value with assisted living facilities averaging $3,110 a month according to Genworth Financial’s most recent survey. Nursing homes average $207 a day for a private room and $168 for a semi-private.

The retirement years should be enjoyable. In fact, some state they’re the very best years of life because you don’t need to handle the stresses of a mortgage, kids, and tasks.

When a senior selects an independent living neighborhood, she or he has the physical and mental capacity to live separately but wants companionship from others his/her age. And independent senior living home supplies not only socialization, but it also offers fun activities and stimulation.

Independent living neighborhoods provide particular services and amenities that cater to senior citizens and promote active, healthy lifestyles for the golden years. Here are a few of the active way of life offerings at retirement living neighborhoods:

Lots of independent living communities offer a carefree way of life, without daily living responsibilities, such as meal prep work, housekeeping, laundry and home maintenance. Independent living costs can differ by retirement community, based on the size of the apartment or condo, geographical location of the neighborhood and the services required at the neighborhood. According to, the average expense of a one-bedroom, independent living or retirement community in the United States in 2012 was $2,750 a month. If you need a Senior Real Estate Specialist Indianapolis area there are many to choose from.

Many times there is a basic rate that covers all independent living services, with an added charge for unique services. Here are some common services included in independent living:

Regular monthly lease and all-encompassing utilities, except local telephone services and cable
One to 3 restaurant-style professionally prepared meals in a neighborhood dining room
Upkeep repair works, consisting of appliance, security and living repair works and updates
House cleaning, consisting of laundering of linens, clothing and towels
Weekly, socially activities
Transportation for shopping, medical and numerous off-site activities

It’s important to ask the community about their specific expenses and services, as they can differ by community. For instance, concierge and guest services might include an extra cost.

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